Diversity Statement

Including our Equal Opportunities policy

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Diversity Statement

ABC are committed to operating in a manner which embraces diversity and the benefits that individuals with different backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints can bring to our organisation.

We seek to operate in a fair manner and treat all individuals with respect.

The following key principles are central to our business activities:

  • We will ensure that our business is free from discrimination and will embrace the principles of the Equality Act 2010 and all other relevant legislation.
  • We will base all decisions for employment and promotion on capability and individual merit in order to eliminate the potential for discrimination.
  • We will value diversity and we understand that a wider range of ideas can be generated by employing a diverse workforce.  This will be beneficial to the business and will provide us with a competitive advantage within our industry.
  • We recognise that all employees are entitled to their own individual opinions and we will ensure that they are protected within the workplace and that the environment in which they operate is free from any hostilities or animosity.